Have an experience of a lifetime + Become a citizen of the world

One of the most potent things you can do for yourself and your spiritual development is to step away from the daily grind and find some perspective while outside of your normal routine. I have been leading sacred retreats for many years and can tell you that profound things happen when you remove yourself from your regular energetic field. You withdraw from your daily life, pulling in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions. This allows you to gather your forces to focus them on something you love.

From this place, you get a new perspective, you regroup and re-energize. 

Each of my retreats are designed to crack you wide open. I don’t play small. This expansion of self leads to new inspirations, connections to spirit and your wisdom tribe, and aligns you with the highest potential you: the person that isn’t stuck in daily routine and shadowed by a miles long to-do list.

When on retreat with Sarah, you will:

  • Be held in a safe space with like-minded people

  • Be encouraged to develop specific intentions and led to powerfully fulfill those intentions

  • Be taken on an adventure of a lifetime

  • Receive enriching teachings and processes which are repeatable and which you can take home with you

  • Connect with the Earth Kingdoms in that specific region, including Shamanic Initiations, Animal Communication, and Earth Grid Connection.

  • Receive information from the Higher beings, Star beings, and Spiritual Masters of that area

  • Become a global citizen

  • Give back to the local communities including visiting schools, orphanages, and other community building centers

  • Experience expansion and openness

  • Experience viewing the world through the perspective of Universal Love

  • Learn how to connect more deeply with Spirit, your Higher Self, and your Highest Blueprint


Our retreat to Borneo and Bali was planned to maximize deep Spiritual Transformation.  From our physical and Spiritual connections with the Orangutans, the ancient wisdom and the lovely people of the Kalimantan, to the welcoming, warm, healing energy of Bali and her people, every step of our journey was deeply healing and revealing.  Sarah meticulously chose locales, experiences and people to bring us deeper into our knowledge of ourselves and our innate power.  I came away from our retreat with a profound feeling of having connected with the fundamental magic of both Borneo and Bali,  and with the amazing group of people who came together to share the adventure.  This was an epic, life changing experience!  -JAF


When you sign up for a retreat with Sarah, it’s not only a fun adventure to a beautiful, potent sacred location. It is also, an inner journey that you take, remembering and healing parts of yourself that have been forgotten or lost. Sarah holds individual space for each person, allowing you to do your personal work and process as you need to, in a fully supported, safe and loving environment. Sarah has an innate gift and ability to see where you are on your individual journey and will assist, guide and empower you on your path. You will learn about and tap into the energies of the sacred sites you visit. I’ve traveled to Borneo and South Africa with Sarah and have formed deep connections and friendships with others on the trips. These retreats have helped me shift my perceptions, heal and open my heart, and empowered me to make changes to live a more balanced and authentic life.  -JRC

Upcoming Retreats

South Africa DECEMBER 12-22, 2019


Registration open NOW!

Sarah is offering a profound, ten-day initiatory journey in the northeast corner of South Africa, traveling to, and experiencing places of great spiritual power, renewal and primal, natural beauty. Most of the sites we visit are on the Nilotic Meridian, a significant meridian that runs the length of Africa. Many mystical places such as the Giza Plateau, the Temples on the Nile, the Great Zimbabwe ruins, and Timbavati, the birthplace of the White Lions, lie directly on this meridian, as does the nearby Blyde River Canyon.

This enchanted journey will allow you to experience several mystical areas of South Africa- each of which lie along the Nilotic Meridian and hold significant power:

  • Kruger National Park [3 days of Game Drives and Safari while staying at the beautiful Mopani Guest Camp]

  • Umazi Sakazi aka Adams Calendar [Visitation and Shamanic Exercises and Activatons]

  • Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary [Hands on with the Majestic, Giant Heart Healers]

  • The White Lions of Timbavati [Spend the night within the lion territories, 2 game drives to be in satsang with these starlions]

  • Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center [Visit rhinos, cheetahs, wild dogs, and much more]

  • The Three Rondavels [A beautiful, ancient, and sacred Shamanic Initation Point]

  • Seeds of Light School [Visit the beautiful children in the heart of Africa]

  • and much more!

    Click here to learn more and register for the Shamanic Star Wisdom - South Africa Adventure

Egypt 2020

In December of 2020, Juliet Carrillo of Sacred Soulful Journeys and myself will be co-facilitating a potent journey to one of the most mystical places on Earth: Egypt. This will be one for the record books! We will have private ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx and private time inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. This journey also includes many exclusive visits to several of the Sacred Temples as we sail the luxurious river of gold: the Nile. Please fill out the form below to be added to an interest list for this retreat.

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Past Retreats

Cosmic Consciousness Sedona Aug 20-25, 2019

Wow! This was an extraordinary journey into the powerful vortices and cosmic connections of Sedona. During this six day, five night retreat, we had several fun, expanding activities which kept us on our toes! Including: channeling our Cosmic Star Guides and bringing through their healing energy, clearing and awakening your Hara line, Cosmic initiations, and open air jeep tours to Sacred Vortex Locations.

My absolute favorite activity was when all twelve of us loaded into a HUGE, off-road Hummer and embarked on a nightime "orbs" tour to the middle of the desert for UFO viewing. We were taken to a “high strangeness site” which is known as Bradshaw Ranch. This place has had tons of galactic and interdimensional activity throughout the years, including alien and UFO sightings, big foot sightings, dinosaur sightings, and much more! It’s so vibey that the government actually took over the site about twenty years ago. While we were there, we layed out in the desert on thick blankets and watched the sky light up for us! Many UFO’s were seen and observed.

South Africa Nov 6-18, 2018

Sarah and Victoria offered a profound, twelve-day initiatory journey in the northeast corner of South Africa, traveling to, and experiencing places of great spiritual power, renewal and primal, natural beauty. Most of the sites we visit are on the Nilotic Meridian, a significant meridian that runs the length of Africa. Many mystical places such as the Giza Plateau, the Temples on the Nile, the Great Zimbabwe ruins, and Timbavati, the birthplace of the White Lions, lie directly on this meridian, as does the nearby Blyde River Canyon.

The South African bushveld is an extraordinary place, unique in the world; where the virgin bush is so vast and untamed that there are more animals than people. In this energy there are very few thought forms, which fosters deep meditations and a great relaxation of mind, body and spirit. One can let go into the enormity of the inner and outer landscape and to experience the mystical nature of the land and animals. It is difficult to describe and needs rather be experienced. We call it the African Dreamtime. This enchanted journey allowed participants to experience several mystical areas of South Africa- each of which lie along the Nilotic Meridian and hold significant power. These power spots included: Kruger National Park, Umazi Sakazi aka Adams Calendar, Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary, The White Lions of Timbavati, Khaya N'dlovu "Rhino Revolution" Orphanage, The Three Rondavels, and the Seeds of Light Community Center and Orphan Center.

Borneo & Bali: Spring 2018

The Majestic Borneo Retreat with Bali Integration was a journey deep into the jungles of Borneo to conduct animal communication with the Orangutans and immerse in consciousness medicine within the Kalimantan Province. During the first 6 days of the retreat, we were in Borneo. We boarded a Klotok (traditional indonesian boat) and adventured up the Sekoyner River to several Orangutan feeding platforms located in Camp Leakey, an orangutan rehabilitation camp and safe zone developed by Dr. Birute Galdikas. We spent the days communicating with the orangutans, stepping into deep ancestral wisdom, initiating into the Munay Ki Rites, conducting consciousness medicine with the Earth and Star grids, and activating to the potent hive mind of the insect kingdom. We also participated in conservation work, including the re-plantation of the devastated forest, visited a traditional village and market, and donated school supplies, books, and art supplies to a local tribal school.

After Borneo we traveled to Ubud, Bali. One of the most spiritual and mesmerizing places in Indonesia. For four days, we toured many ancient temples, participated in meditations and grounding work, communed with the monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest, and toured the majestic landscape which included mountains, jungles, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Our hearts were full and warm with the beauty of this immaculate region and the friendliness of all of the Indonesian people.

Inspired Life! A soul-Stirring Getaway—Goddess Style. September 2017

Partnering with Connie Cumming and Andrea Loughran, this woman’s retreat into nature was a weekend camping retreat in the beautiful foothills of Coastal Central California. There were four main aspects to this retreat: Rejuvenate, Focus, Awaken and Transform.

Each activity was meticulously planned with the intention of healing and awakening. Such activities included:

  • Give your soul the talking stick and let life be a celebration of your truest voice.

  • Tap into your infinite creative potential through expressive arts and movement.

  • Connect deeply with your innate wisdom, your goddess self and explore your greatest possibilities.

  • Step into "manifestation mastery" as you take all that you've created during this beautiful retreat and integrate it into your new way of being in the world!

Transcending the veil - Awakening your ancient soul wisdom - tulum 2016

In partnership with Angel Emerging, this was a transcendent journey into our ancient but eternally relevant wisdom which is often accessed beyond the veil. During this retreat we opened the psychic doors–using the enduring keys to “awaken” and “see” with an all new, expanded vision. Our journey was structured on the shamanic vision of the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds. Participants had the opportunity to experience the power, healing and wisdom of each of these three worlds through visiting specific Mayan sacred sites. Through the ceremony, rituals, and ancient spiritual exercises, these sites became portals allowing us to enter and tap into their power, for the purpose of healing, transformation, and self-empowerment. We

  • Let go of the old paradigms in our lives that no longer served us

  • Stepped into shamanic ceremony and integrated the lower world of your psyche, middle kingdom of your life, and upper world of your divine consciousness

  • Experienced the powerful Mayan sacred sites of Chichen Itza, Tulum Ruins, swam in several Cenotes, and gave back to the earth at the ruins of Coba

  • Took part in several rituals of the Mayan Shamans

  • Connected with our totem animal spirit guides and lower world indigenous guides.

Elemental Immersion in Paradise - Maui, Hawaii 2015

This was a 5 day spiritual odyssey through the ancient and mystical Island of Maui. We spent each day immersing in the power of the Five Sacred Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Ether (Spirit). We experienced several Earth Activations at Sacred locations, including the lush, tropical Iao Valley; experienced the Healing power of the deep turquoise Pacific ocean while snorkeling with the tropical sea life; connected with Dolphin Energy and re-awakened our joy, flow of love, and opening of the heart; and illuminated our souls during our powerful Full moon Ceremony.

Earth Wisdom*Star Widsom - Sedona, AZ 2014

In partnership with Angel Emerging, the Earth Wisdom*Star Wisdom Sedona retreat was an incredible journey into the powerful earth vortex locations and star/lightbeing information. During this retreat we had several illuminated, channeled teachings including connecting with our star brothers and sisters and channeling their healing power, along with jeep rides to vortex locations, ceremony, and a nightime jeep ride to the middle of the desert where we went UFO watching!!