4 Amazing Facts about Energy Healing

As an energy healer, I’ve been working with clients for several years to help them access their deepest soul wisdom at the Inner Vision Institute through workshops, mentoring, and global retreats. Every day, I see the profound shifts that energy healing has created in myself and others. However, I know that there are people out there who find these modalities new and different, which keep them from booking their first session. Energy healing is more accessible than you might realize. Here are four amazing things about energy healing that you need to know:

1. Energy Healing is Based on Scientific Principles

Everything in the Universe is energy--that’s just physics! Just as you are made up of energy, so is the glass you use every day to drink water and everything around you. All energy medicine is based on the idea that people’s thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are made up of energy, which is called the universal life force or qi. Energy healers tap into this universal life force to help promote healing by removing the energetic blocks in the body. 

2. It’s About Balance, Baby!

The stresses, traumas, and even our limiting thoughts that occur in our life throw our bodies out of balance and create blockages in our energy field. These blockages can show up as emotional, mental, and physical ailments in the body. Energy healing seeks to maintain balance in the body and when you begin to remove those blockages you begin to see past those limitations. 

3. Energy Healing Has Something for Everyone 

Energy healing comes in many different shapes and forms and there is likely something for everybody and it is a wonderful complementary modality in conjunction with medical treatment. Acupuncture, which is over 3000 years old, uses needles to rebalance the body and stimulate the flow of qi. Massage has numerous benefits, including improved circulation and elimination of toxins. Reiki is a hands-on healing practice where the practitioner uses light-touch to balance and align the energy centers of the body. Benefits are numerous and can include stress reduction and a sense of well-being and peace. Shamanic healing seeks to recover a person’s lost power that has occurred through past trauma and bring healing in the form of answers to life’s problems. [note: these can be tailored to fit specific modalities you want to address. I added in shamanic healing since you want to create a course on that]

4. Energy Maintenance is Key

Just like you maintain your car, your energetic health is equally as important to upkeep. Try taking a bath in sea salt once a week or starting the day with a short yoga routine to balance your energy. Other helpful activities are listening to a short guided meditation or connecting with nature by going for a short walk or a hike. 

Now that you have some basics of energy healing, I hope this empowers you to take the next step. If you enjoyed this blog post, please share it with a friend!

The magic of Cacao and my journey into the Yucatan

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of leading a retreat into the Yucatan and working with an 85-year-old Mayan Plant Shaman. This man was one of the humblest that I had ever met. He spent most of his time communing with the trees and the sacred plant medicine of the jungles, and even when he had down time from our group, I snapped a picture of him leaning against a large tree and staring up at it in awe.

This wonderful man, nicknamed Abuelito, taught us many things during our time in the Yucatan. However, there was one interesting factoid he brought forward that will never leave me:

During a ceremony on the grounds of the magnificent Chichen Itza, Abuelito held up a roasted cacao bean and said “if you eat three of these beans each day, it will change your life”. I looked curiously at the roasted cacao bean, vaguely understanding its characteristics of grounding and nutrient density, and of course its part in Cacao Ceremonies, but I wanted to dig a little deeper.

What I found is that cacao is considered a sacred medicine of the heart. It brings us to center, bridging any disconnect between the mind and body, balancing our emotional and physical realms. This beautiful little bean is said to be “gifted to use by creator, giving us a tool to reconnect with the divine”.  It is the food of the Gods.

On top of all the glorious energetic benefits of cacao, there are also physical benefits. These little suckers are filled with B Vitamins, antioxidants, theobromine, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc and potassium.

From my time in the Yucatan, I now keep my pantry stocked with roasted cacao beans and cacao tea. These yummy little nuggets are great for snacking and keep me grounded and energized throughout the day. If you would like to begin your journey into a daily cacao ritual, I recommend buying a bag of “raw, organic cacao beans” then roasting them yourself. You can find several brands on Amazon.


Blessings and cheers on your journey!

Working with Elephants

My first time conducting animal communication and healing with elephants was in Sumatra in 2014. I traveled to the Way Kambas National park with a group of Linking Awareness Adventurers. We worked hands on with a herd of 55 elephants.


The Elephants called me back to them in 2015, but this time it was in South Africa, with much bigger, sacred beings. The African Elephants swarmed us in Kruger park. They’re messages and downloads were heart opening and delightful. This was also the first time that I met a very powerful friend of mine, Kasper the Elephant. We are the same age, and little did I know at the time that I would be back to see him 5 times in the next few years, bringing groups to work with him and his exquisite wisdom. Below is an exercise that he wanted me to relay to you.

A Message and Exercise from Kasper the Elephant:

"Hello beloved one. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I have been in this body for 31 years, and with each coming year I bring more presence and energy. During my time here I have been lost, bought, sold, hunted, and rescued. I have watched my friends flourish and I have watched my friends die. I have seen humans with giant hearts, and I have seen humans with small hearts. Such is the gift of "being". So I ask that you embrace this gift of being. I ask that you be the human with the "Giant Heart". I ask that you look at this beautiful planet we share together, and love it for all of its glory, lightness, and darkness.

Now dear one, I ask that you place yourself in the picture above. Stand so that your chest is pressed against my leg. Imagine that your heart and my heart connect.

Hear the low rumbles of my inhales, and the raspy release of my exhales. Feel me expand with each in breath, as you expand with me. 
Be with me in this moment. Matching your breath to mine. Be with me in this time of great change and great grace. And don't ever leave... "

When a Pregnant Zebra Approaches...

A herd of 6 zebra grazed in front of my Rondavel on my first morning in Hoedspruit South Africa in November 2017. As I sat in the open doorway and watched with appreciation, one of the pregnant females approached and “asked” to receive a healing. I began running energy on her and immediately felt the strain and pull on her back muscles, the discomfort in her hips, and that strange feeling of baby shifting within. 
Momma told me that she was worried baby would come too early, and she would have a hard time protecting it from the elements. 
As I worked, all of nature assisted, the birds started chirping a peaceful song in unison. The insects began their low hums which continued to build until it was so loud, I could barely hear myself thinking. This cresendo built for only a few minutes, but I could feel the power of all of nature flowing through the healing field that Zebra and I now held between us.
Then everything stopped. Silence. Zebra stood with half open eyes, in an almost trance state of reception. I could hear her stomach and intestines giving off large rumbles as I saw baby moving within. There it was.... “the shift”.

Life is like underwear...change is good!

"Life is like Underwear, Change is Good"

I know, right? This quote made me laugh and it's resonating hardcore with me right now. Spirit has been downloading me with some big BIG visions. They are all incredible and magical, but guess what?

And when I say "way" outside my comfort zone, I'm talking a bazillion on the scale of 1-10. 

I realized that being in this uncomfortable space of expansion and possibilities is the juciest place I could be in this moment. You wanna know why??

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Big Dreams Require Big Support

You might not know that For many years before I fully stepped onto this path I worked as a technical writer for a Private Investigative firm that specialized in investigating fraudulent Workers Compensation claims. During this time I was a "closet psychic" and neither my bosses nor my co-workers knew that in my off time I was working on missing persons and cold cases with various police departments, doing a weekly radio show conducting psychic readings, studying with Shaman and Indigenous Healers from all over the world, and teaching Psychic Development, Channeling, and Healing.

The P.I. job was stable and well paying, but it by no means fed my soul. Days turned into months, and months turned into years. I kept telling myself I was going to leave, but I was too afraid to take the leap. So I adjusted my schedule to work from home (thinking the office was the culprit), then I went from full-time to part-time (thinking that less work would make me happier), but through all of those changes, I WAS STILL MISERABLE. I cried a lot, I was always frustrated, and I stuffed my emotions with really healthy things like pots of coffee, brownies, and cookies.

Bottom Line: I was not in alignment with my Soul Blueprint and the Universe was going to continue to "turn up the heat" until I surrendered to my path  

It was time for me to bust out of that comfort zone and take the leap into the vision I was always shown but I didn't know how to make possible. This vision was me owning my own business, helping people step into their power and heal, and facilitating global retreats. Knowing that great things never came from comfort zones, I held my breath and jumped off that cliff.

And guess what........Everything worked out fine.

It is now my PURPOSE to empower others and help them align deeply with their Highest Soul Blueprint.