Sarah has spent the last decade honing her skills by studying with many Shamanic and Healing masters. Her journeys have led her all over the world, including working with the incredibly powerful frequencies of the Animal Kingdom (elephants, orangutans, chimpanzees, insects), and within the mysteriously potent Earth*Star energies of The Great Pyramids of Giza, Adams Calendar, the Jungles of Borneo, the ruins of the Yucatan, and several vortex locations within the United States. This course of study led her to her true calling: helping others discover their immense power and divine gifts.

If you are ready to dive deeply into your own personal transformation, then this is for you. Book your Complimentary Consultation now.

These sessions are designed to align you with your soul’s calling and facilitate a deep connection between yourself and your innate wisdom. When first meeting you, I will often ask the questions “where are you now?” and then “where do you want to be?” The answers to these questions give deep meaning to where you are on your Spiritual path and how we can fully enhance your movement into the future.

Each session is customized to fit your beautifully individual needs. I will align with your inner-most guidance and together we will bring forth the deeper, soul-conscious you.

Techniques used may include:

  • Remote viewing
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Channeling
  • Energy healing (Reiki, psychic surgery, hands on healing)
  • Shamanic healing (soul retrievals, power retrievals, psychopomp work)
  • Energy blockage removals and revamping
  • Guided meditations
  • Mediumship
  • Regressions and progressions
  • Ancestral clearing and initiation
  • DNA activation
  • Soul alignment