Welcome to the Cosmic Consciousness Sedona Retreat!


 David, Deb and I are beyond excited to bring you this “out of this world” retreat! We’ve been working non-stop with spirit to bring forward the downloads, information, and overall juiciness to create this stellar journey. Each of us hold Sedona deep in our hearts and have had many experiences and activations associated with the galactic frequencies there. We are a unique mix of leadership, as combined, we hold in-depth training and knowledge in Consciousness Medicine, Astrology, Full Body Channeling, Shamanism, Star Seed Wisdom, and Intuitive Healing.

We truly hope that you can join us on this adventure. We have designed this trip with YOU in mind, meaning that not only is there ample time to explore SIX sacred, galactic locations within Sedona; but also plenty of information downloads, trainings, and time for shopping, play, etc! Please read down to see a day-by-day snapshot of our journey. To register, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Included in the Price of your journey:

Special Bonuses!.png
  • Daily Breakfast

  • Four Cosmic Workshops: Earth Wisdom Matrix, Dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness, Galactic Healing Codes, and The Evolution of Spirituality in the Age of Aquarius

  • Daytime Vortex Open-Air Jeep Tour to Chapel of the Holy Cross, Stupa, and Cathedral Rock

  • Nightime “Orbs” Jeep tour to the middle of the desert for UFO sighting

  • Earth*Star Power Excursion to Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock

  • Special Bonuses! Cosmic Connections Gift Bag & Sedona Gateway Activation Pre-Call

Not included in the price of your journey

The Courtyard at Sedona Rouge Hotel

The Courtyard at Sedona Rouge Hotel

  • Nightly Lodging [Please note that the Sedona Rouge has extended us a special room price of $168.00/nt + tax. To book, please call 1-866-312-4111 and tell the agent that you are with the Cosmic Consciousness Sedona group. For shared rooms, please contact Sarah as she will hold a list of others looking for a roommate.]

  • Travel to and From Sedona. [We recommend that you fly into Phoenix and then drive to Sedona. To carpool, please contact Sarah as she will hold a list of others looking to carpool.]

  • Daily Lunch / Dinner, any souvenirs, outside shopping



Tuesday, Aug 20th - Day 1: Arrivals

Get ready to blast off into a magical, once-in-a-lifetime weekend! Many of you will arrive at the beautiful, Sedona Rouge hotel during different times of the day. This is dependent on whether you fly or drive into Sedona. Check in at the Sedona Rouge is at 4:00 PM. David, Deb and myself will all be present at the hotel, awaiting your arrivals. We will each be in the REDS restaurant at different times throughout the evening, if you would like to join us for an appetizer, dinner, or drink. During this evening, begin to initiate your entire self into the mystical red rock energies. Please take time to relax, integrate, and prepare for the following five days of deep connection and fun!

  • We recommend that you book your room with Sedona Rouge ASAP, there is also a photography conference happening in Sedona during the time that we are there, rooms are already filling. Please call 1-866-312-4111 and tell the agent that you are with the Cosmic Consciousness Sedona group!

Wednesday Aug 21 - Day 2: Sacred Vortex Day


Begin your day with the fabulous breakfast (included) at REDS restaurant. From there, we will meet in the Andalusia meeting room for our welcoming ceremonies. This is a time for us to get to know each other, officially, and begin to form the cosmic matrix of the group. Be prepared to feel your connections amplify and physical bodies resonate with the vortices as we come together as one, re-align with Gaia and feel the innate Earth Wisdom percolating into our memories. You will then be led on a potent exercise where you will connect to the earth power of Sedona and begin to channel the wisdom of the vortex energy through your light system. Priming your mind/body/spirit for the many upcoming initiations.


Our afternoon will be filled with adventure! Together we will load into Open-Air Jeeps and embark on an adventure spent at three highly powerful locations within Sedona. Each Vortex contains a distinct signature, a mystical fingerprint that will surely cause tingles down your spine. Drop into deep meditation at each site while being led by one of our powerful channels and feel your connections expand. These locations include the Chapel of Holy Cross, the Stupa & Cathedral Rock.

Thursday Aug 22 - Day 3: Dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness

Begin your day with the fabulous breakfast at REDS restaurant. From there, we will meet in the Andalusia meeting room for a morning of expansion with Deb as you explore Dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness through your Chakra Portals. 

Using chakra portals as our vehicle for this guided journey, we will be exploring the dimensions of cosmic consciousness to travel from the Inner Earth to the Galactic Center of the Central Sun. Places we visit include the Earth's Crystalline Grid in the 1st Dimension and the Galactic Core of the 12th dimension, which is where the highest level of ascended beings reside. Also, on our dimensional travels, there will be opportunities to visit with loved ones and pets who have passed, spirit guides, your higher self, star friends, and Earth beings. The journey ends by activating the Metatronic Channels that open the bridge from your own humanity to your divine self. 


During the afternoon, we will depart on an excursion to two extremely fascinating areas of Sedona, each holding significant Earth*Star power. These areas will be Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock. While at these locations, we are going to expand our consciousness into the Cosmos to access our link between the Soul and earthly energies by accessing our Hara Line. Our goal is to align and heal this cosmic bio-charger, which is a core power source for our physicality and a direct link to our higher self. We will also explore points along the Hara Line that hold the intentions we set for ourselves when we manifest here on earth, our passions and our spiritual longing, and our power and will.

Friday Aug 23 - Day 4: Take me to the Stars~Galactic Healing Codes

Begin your day with the fabulous breakfast at REDS restaurant. Your morning will be open for shopping, exploration and relaxation.


During the late Afternoon, meet in the Andalusia room for your activation into the Galactic Healing Codes. With the help of a very special “out of this world” guide, Sarah will take you on an exploratory adventure to discover your connection to the stars. Meet and greet with this new aspect of you and feel the powerful activations that take place with this sacred and dynamic wisdom. Bring forth the invigorating and intelligent energy of your new star-being guide and prepare for a lifelong connection to the awakened and rekindled you. Learn what healing codes this cosmic star guide brings forth to develop your very special, divine blueprint.

After acquainting with your new lightbeing intelligence, plunge into a Jeep and depart on a nighttime adventure deep into the red rock desert. Don’t take your eyes off the sky – you might miss out on some extraterrestrial ancestors shining their lights bright for you! This two and a half hour tour is sure to delight the spaceship lovers. Besides, Sedona attracts many different types of visitors...but are they all from this planet?

Saturday Aug 24th - Day 5: The Evolution of Spirituality in the Age of Aquarius


Begin your day with a fabulous breakfast at REDS restaurant. From there, we will meet in the Andalusia meeting room with AstroShaman David! During our time with David, he will discuss how the shifting of the Ages is bringing many evolutionary changes on this planet. The very expression and dynamics of spirituality must shift to support the emerging new human, homo spiritus. That shift is underway. How can we cooperate with it?    

We will take a look at this sea change, from Pisces to Aquarius, as the differences are quite startling and the call to bring forward our gifts is stronger now than ever.  


David will query the question of what is keeping you stuck in the sea of Pisces? He will then take time to discuss the possibilities of emerging from the depths of the ocean. David will finish the afternoon with a dive into a Shamanic Breakthrough Session to catapult us all into a more awakened human expression.  Awakening is no longer the end…and no longer an option for the Aquarian Spiritual Being!

In the evening, we will join back together to Create the Sacred Wheel. This artistic exercise will take you deep into your own inner wisdom as we discover where you are at on this Sacred Wheel of Life, and how you walk it.

Sunday Aug 25th - Day 6: Completion and Departures


Does it have to end??

Begin your morning with breakfast at REDS restaurant. After breakfast, we will meet in the Andalusia room for a Completion and Integration Ceremony with Spirit and a final immersion into the exquisite energies of Sedona. If flying, please plan an afternoon or evening flight.

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet Sarah from Inner Vision Institute


Sarah is a Spiritual Teacher and Channel. She is the founder of the Inner Vision Institute. Sarah grew up as a gifted child and had a "knowing" as to what was going on with the people around her. She would often see spirits walking through her room at night. During her college years, her gift of intuition, empathic abilities, and mediumistic abilities became so intense that she chose to change her major and her life path. She then started studying with many Shamanic and Healing masters. This course of study led her to her true calling: helping others discover their immense power and divine gifts.

Sarah's greatest joy seeds from awakening the light which lives within YOU. She is a spiritual powerhouse when it comes to aiding others in clearing away the many blocks and limitations that we, as humans, tend to place around ourselves. She will lovingly work with your guidance to develop a framework that assists you in seeing the world through new and spectacular eyes: through the eyes of Spirit. Her life's work ignites the intuition in others, attuning and aligning your energy at the Soul Level. This process strips away all that you are not, and empowers your true gifts to blossom and flourish.

Meet David from Evolutionary Waves


David is a modern day AstroShaman, Mystic, and Spiritual Guide, whose deep experience is that Life itself IS The Teacher.  From his fundamentalist upbringing in the Deep South to his Embodied Awakening as a Gay Mystic, David has journeyed through hell to find transfiguration.  

He has a passion for personal transformation.   Utilizing his multiple intuitive abilities and Evolutionary Astrology, he pin points the soul’s evolutionary edge and helps point the way forward.  The medicine is always unique, as it should be. 

“The astrological chart reveals so much about the deeper workings of the soul.  I don’t know how I could have cooperated so fully with my own evolution, let alone the evolution of my clients, without that wisdom tool.”

In his evolutionary healing work, he often addresses past life dynamics, depicted in the chart and psychically, that are still influencing the present.  He is humbled to witness tremendous leaps forward in those drawn to journey with him.

With his own powerful astrological links to the USA’s Chart, David seems to have a connection to the evolutionary unfoldment of the United States.  He has correctly predicted the last 3 presidents and feels that this country is in the throws of tremendous awakening.  It may be a rocky road, but he holds much hope for the future. Learn more at

Meet Deb from spirit lion healing


Deb is a practitioner of mind/body wellness with a passion for sending out light and love as far as she can spread it. Born empathic, intuitive and claire cognizant, she was always drawn to mystical, spiritual and esoteric philosophies so that she could understand and hone her own natural gifts. Healing arts and spiritual growth though, were her main interests. Through her explorations, she found her mission: to help others free themselves from limiting beliefs that impact their health and well-being, or that hinder their spiritual development.

Deb feels we all need this type of support in this shared experience of ours, which she calls “Earth School.” She relishes discovering and researching new tools for healing and ascendence, and loves sharing what she has learned. Her hope is that the knowledge she shares, and the energy she channels as a healer, helps others weather the challenges of life with more balance, harmony and joy. Deb has a private practice at a Wellness Collective in Carmel, California where she also facilitates monthly workshops and special events. Through her workshops and healing sessions, she has come to understand that the most important thing she can offer others is her heart. She gladly shares it…freely.

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Early Bird Pricing for the Cosmic Consciousness Sedona Retreat is $977.00 and valid until June 1, 2019. After June 1, the retreat price will rise to a regular price of $1177.00.

A non-refundable deposit of 200.00 holds your spot. Please note that all final payments are due by Aug 1, 2019.

Current Payment Options:

Full Payment: $977.00 USD

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Place a deposit now - balance due by 7/10/19

Place your $200 deposit now to secure your Early Bird pricing. The balance of $777.00 will be due by July 10th.

*Refund Policy: If for some reason you must cancel your trip, a cancellation fee of $245.00 U.S. is non-refundable. If you cancel 90 days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive: 50% credit minus the cancellation fee. If you cancel 31-90 days prior to the start of the retreat, you receive: 25% credit minus the cancellation fee. If you cancel 0-30 days prior to the start of the retreat, no refunds or credits will be given.


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